I was born on 8th November 1982 in Izmir. After several years on the Aegean coast, my parents have left the beautiful city and so I grew up in Istanbul. During my school years I was more interested in art than anything. After having played piano for years as a student of the famous Turkish pianist, Arın Karamürsel, I decided to concentrate on a creative profession and now I hold a Master of Architecture degree from Vienna University of Technology. My wish to live for a little while in Europe has been changed and I didn't turn back to Turkey. I like travelling, hiking, enjoying the nature and watching birds, reading, taking photos, painting, collecting stamps and doing much more too. I can speak English, German and Greek very well. Since 2010, I live with my sweetheart Doğacan in Munich. If you want to know more about me or are interested about any ideas to share and realise with me, don't hesitate to say hello!